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      Yep Rachel. . .feeling so good, you forget sometimes you have G.D.? That’s great! (See everyone. . .there’s hope!)

      Now, I understand the problem about joining Conf_1. . .in the channels folder, you don’t need to type /join Conf_1. Do as Rachel says and enter Conf_1 in the channels folder, click on add (so you’ll have it there next time), and click on Join. If you don’t have the channels folder open, THEN is when you type /join Conf_1.

      As far as the GD coming back after going hypo following RAI, apparently it can happen (ask John, who posted above). . .it won’t happen to US, though, right Rachel?

      John, what does your endo say about your current condition? Are you going to have to have the RAI again? Let us know!
      Dianne N

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        Hi Dianne…So, it burnt, huh? I hardly got to send my hugs and greetings in the CHAT room this afternoon, when I looked up and found you were gone. Then Bruce had to go too, so it was a brief session…still I got there without a problem…but when you told me to do it the way you said…/join conf 1 to get to the right room, it didn’t work for me…but it did work if I put in conf_1 and then move the cursor and click on join…whatever works, I say…I will e-mail you a more detailed message of my busy, busy week, and bring you up to date. Glad to hear you’re feeling better…Me, too! My TSH is now 1.68…the first time it’s been normal since I was diagnosed in June…! I pray never to feel that bad again, too.! Tell me this won’t come back…yeh, like I don’t already know…but it can’t come back…period! For now I’m doing well and feel thankful to feel functional again…to some degree…Ha! Till next time…Sorry I don’t post as often as I used to…I’m still with you all in spirit…Rachel

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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