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      In the beginning of this stupid disease, I had a couple of anxiety attacks…which is what led
      me to the doctor. They went away, replaced by a general nervousness and anxiety, not attacks per say.
      I keep having periods of feeling much, much better….like for the last week, then suddenly relapse.
      Last night I was woken out of a deep sleep with a full blown anxiety attack (you know, palpitations, sweating, irrational fear, etc).
      When I finally did go back to sleep, I had to get up at 5am to dole out medicine (my daughter takes seizure medicine at that time, too).
      Try as I might I could not get back to sleep, felt anxious, nervous. Took my xanax (which I take in very low doses because I don’t
      want to be doped up with three small children to care for during the day).

      How long, I ask, before PTU stabilize things and the anxiety attacks are just a memory? It is such a freaked out
      feeling, I hate it more than most any other symptom (and it brings them all running to). If anyone has anything
      encouraging to say about this eventually ended, PLEASE! I could use some hope with this one. Thanks. Glynis

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