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      I was just offering what has worked for me. As I write this I have the restless leg syndrome.(Seriously) I ran out of bananas and just had my morning coffee.
      Just like graves is an auto-immune disease and it is not fully understood RLS is the same as your doctor implied. In doing my own reading etc. This also is what I have come cross – “No one knows for sure what causes the uncomfortable sensations. “It’s probably an abnormality in brain chemistry that may affect the nerve signals to the limbs.” quoted by a reputable doctor at a well known medical facility. Also he states, “The syndrome tends to run in families, it’s possible that caffeine may be giving your legs the jitters. Some scientists believe that in certain people caffeine can shift the brain chemical balance., which excites the nerve signals to the leg muscles.” Restless legs have also been linked to an overexposure to cold, iron-deficiency anemia, nicotine, stress fatigue, and anxiety. If it’s accompanied by other symptoms—tingling, numbness, or cramping, for example–it could be a sign of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or thyroid diseases.
      In moist cases, having restless, legs is more of a nuisance than a serious health problem.”

      Some offered symptom relief–
      1. Slip into a warm foot bath
      2. Give those calves a rubdown. Simply using an OTC product may help.
      3.Take aspirin- It’s not known why but two aspirin at bedtime helps.
      4. Skip the java at suppwr.
      5.A half hour a day of a brisk walk helps- It dissipates stress on the entire nervous system,

      Any more questions, please e-mail me!


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