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      Hi Ron!
      Sorry it took so long to respond…been away!
      I was dx. in May ’97…..started on PTU…had a drug reaction. Discontinued my medication for the weekend….my severe symptoms returned (which was in August). Started on Tapazole 10 mg. 4 times per day….drop to hypo by October.
      I was receiving poor care from my endocrinologist. I went back to my medical dr. who discontinued my medication….I was feeling terrible!!!!!!!!! I was seeing him for 2 months taking Tapazole 10mg. 2 times a day…..I was doing okay…but I knew I needed to see a endocrinologist…who I just seen in Dec. He wants to keep me on the Tapazole for 2-3 months to see where my levels are. My TSH is beginning to read. You know Ron…..I was so ignored at the start of my treatment…I didn’t have any idea of what was to come.
      I didn’t know what my blood levels were…I never knew how I was going to be the next day. I am just learning what the blood levels mean. But now I am feeling better…I am reading more…I found this BB which is very informative. Presently I am trying to get my hands on my medical records so I can make sense of what has happened to me in the past 8 months. I would be happy to share my results with you. I will be seeing my new dr. in 4 weeks.
      I would strongly suggest to anyone to keep your own records ..blood results, symptoms etc…….you could see why.
      I have good news today… hair loss has been decreasing for the past few days…..what does that mean.
      This new dr. has suggested I get a bone density test in the near future……also suggested to take calcium supplement. Apparently we are more prone to ostoporosis because the hyper stage eats so much of our bone mass. Also suggested exercise!!!!!!!!!! I never knew this!
      Happy,Healthy 1998!!!!!!!!!!!

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