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      It has been a long while since I posted the following, but with so many new people, I didn’t think that it would hurt to say it again. I hope that those of you who read it before don’t mind rereading it:


      Some of us already are, and some of us are so frightened by what is happening to us, that maybe a little help wouldn’t be too bad.

      Webster defines proactive as follows: [pro- + reactive]: acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes. The definition of warrior is as follows: a man engaged or experienced in warfare; broadly: a person engaged in some struggle or conflict   The following is from a web page that discusses the Lakota and how young boys were trained to become members of Warrior Societies:

      A Warrior is taught to acknowledge the Creator and give thanks each day for a good life and all things upon the earth. A seeker of truth, he must be patient and tolerant. He concerns himself with the affairs of his family and the watchcare of all around him. He is kind and generous and goes about with an open heart. Never boastful, vain, or mean spirited, a Warrior must be a student as well as a teacher. He must aspire to become a good leader and provider, continually striving for excellence. He must avoid trouble whenever possible, working to resolve conflict through intelligent reason, yet he never shrinks from evil. He must be a pathfinder, practicing the highest code of honor.

      These definitions and the quote about training for a Warrior Society apply to anyone who has Graves’ Disease. Most people, doctors included will say, “Oh yea, the thyroid thing” not even realizing that it is an autoimmune disorder that affects “the thyroid thing.” We absolutely have to take back control of our lives and our disease and the processes relating to it.

      My lawyer that drew up my will said something that made me realize that my doctor works for me, not the other way around. He said that my doctor, just like him, is a paid consultant, advising me on medical matters. He also said that he doesn’t always have time to call and check on me, so I need to become educated as to my disease and the symptoms of something being wrong so I can alert my “consultant” and get a “fix” so to speak.

      When I decided to be a warrior, I realized that a warrior is committed, and aggressive. I won’t give up. I have spent more years studying this body and mind than anyone else involved in this and I am going to have the last say as to what happens to me. I pay good money for my doctor and my health insurance, but I have no problem whatsoever challenging them when I think they are wrong or just plain ignoring my symptoms and me. All of us that have children are this way with pediatricians when it comes to our children’s health, why shouldn’t we be the same way when it comes to our own?

      Like I said, my way works for me, but might not work for anyone else. We are all warriors in this together, but each of us must decide the path we will walk until we go to the other side. No matter what, I am committed to this fight and will fight for myself and all of us, no matter what it takes.

      The best thing to do for yourself is learn a form of meditation that works for you. It might even just be listening to music that you like, but learn to center yourself and let everything else go, at least once a day. Doesn’t matter what everyone else in your life wants, you are special and deserve some special time each day, if only 5 minutes!

      Keep up the good fight warriors!

      My love and compassion to all you warriors out there.

      Mitakuye Oyasin

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