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      Jake, it seems everything is starting to finally come together for a final healing. It’s true radiation to the eyes can cause the double vision to change both for the better and worse,because the muscles are changing.For those who aren’t sure how the treatments work, radiation will not cure double vision. Surgery will cure double vision. Radiation makes it possible to have the surgery by stopping the “hot phase.”Only in tough cases, where there is alot of scar tissue and many surgeries are the orbits radiated. There is more of a chance for glaucoma when the orbits are done. In very,very rare cases this can happen when the muscles are radiated. My radiologist felt that if I should get glaucoma, It’s a simple proceedure to zap it with a laser and not to worry.For me the time was perfect for radiation. I guess I’m a good case scenario(sp?)My doctors at Wills Eye have discovered that rather than a last resort, radiation is extremely successful as a first resort,bypassing the “hot phase” completely. I was just going into this phase.I had nothing to look forward to but my eyes getting worse.I was just days away from bulging-a week maybe a month.The radiation stopped the process from happening. I had no side effects.I know that sounds impossible, but true.My double vision did not get worse,although I was told that it was a possibility as the muscles start to heal and change position.I had the treatments 4 months after starting to see double. By the last treatment my eyes moved back 6 mil.Even my Dr. couldn’t believe it and measured twice. Four months after the treatments, my pressure and eye measurements read NORMAL.The double vision is a teensy-weensy better, but I will need surgery to see normally. My surgeon feels that by not having such a bad situation, it makes surgery easier. My eyelid retraction was a snap for me and her. I had it done in the office.My eyes now look even.No more of the “stare”. I had no scar tissue for a surgeon to deal with, which makes surgery more difficult.As i said I’m an easy example whereas jake is one tough case.Jake, you’ve been through it all. I don’t know how you’ve had the strength.I will show my Dr. your post from 11/26.I want to make sure I’m understanding what my doc said and ask about what your doc said.I have a check-up on the 18th*******Sorry this post is so long. I wanted to put out the positives along with the negatives of this unusual treatment.***Peace to you all…..Gwen

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