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      Hi again.
      Vickie asked if ever swollen in the morning.. My eyes are still swollen
      in the am, but as my levels come down (plummet please plummet) on
      Tapazole the rest of me is not as swollen. I used to have bizarre feet
      troubles and the limbs haven’t been as agile or cooperative during the
      duration, but that is all improving. It all seesm to go with the
      And Sandy you asked if while on Methimazole was it unusual to still have
      problems? I had a recent regression for two days where heart went up
      and I didn’t sleep and etc. And the two theories proposed were..
      Extra stress had stirred things up… the thyroid had a little extra
      gift to dump..and I needed a little more Tapazole to go the next few
      miles. Usually I feel okay. Most symptoms decreasing daily.
      Don’t know if any of this info helps objectively, but
      at least you know you have a friend in CA who also remembered
      to take her pills this morn and is hoping to get all
      better some day in the future.( and yes, this optimism
      exists side by side with the realization of the forces of entropy and
      the fact that we are all aging and falling apart at some level day
      by day but it is okay.)Take care all.

      Oh and if anyone knows Melanie who used to come on this board,
      ask her to do the database questionnaires.
      I haven’t been able to input much lately because computer tied up with
      husband working on taxes and then having to spend evenings defragging
      from all the files I’ve contacted looking for people who have had
      contact with this board.
      But I think tomorrow, I don’t have to work, I will enter all the ones I
      have received. Soon we could do an early response version of the data
      and put it where you all can read it. Jeannette

        Post count: 93172

        To Bobbi et al,

        Thanks for your numbers. They make sense in light of what we have learned.
        Can anyone speak to antibodies and their revelance? I haven’t found anything
        in the literature about that. We were told that normal was up to
        99 and my daughter’s is above 1700.

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