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      I also just stumbled upon this BB today and the postings I’ve read from the last few days has been very interesting. I have so many of the symptoms but was not aware they were GD related. For my hyper I have been on 50mg PTU 3 times daily for 11 mo. and have my T4 in the normal range
      (1.3)but the TSH level is still too low(.03). This means the GD has not gone into remission….yet. It is my understanding from literature I’ve read and from my DR. that it is possible for my GD to go into remission after being on PTU.
      MY QUESTION: Has this happened to any of you out there?? If so how long did you take PTU?

      Memory loss is another symptom that affects me on a daily basis. (I can relate with Peggy!) “Ron” has written that a tyrosine supplement might help. Is tyrosine a readily available supplement?
      I have been taking 300mg of St John’s wort two times a day for a month and have not noticed any memory improvement.

      Any advise would help.

      Thanks to everyone!

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        MY doctor just told me i am in remission.
        I have been diagnose since nov.97 and taken(still take) ptu and atenolol.

        MY question is: What can i expect of this remission and anything else you can tell me would be great, .
        Remission now less than a month.

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          I had thought remission meant having a normal thyroid after discontinuing medication, but I am not a medical person. Anyway, when I became euthyroid (normal) and had completed at least a year of PTU, my doctor weaned me off the PTU and then I went back for blood work and checkups at intervals he suggested. I think first it was monthly, then 6 weeks and so on till it was 6 months. I had 2+ years without medication, then graves’ came back, but some folks stay in remission indefinitely.
          Hope your levels stay “normal”. Ask you doctor when/if he might lower or end the medication – it needs to be done slowly, I think.
          Good Luck!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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