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    Hi, Jake, Glad you didn’t disappear for server reasons. In resonse to your thought on many culture’s revelations, there is a book I think you’d appreciate. PEACE CHILD by Don Richardson. It is about some tribes in the New Guinea’s, some head hunters. Any way, happy day to you. Now that is a profound thought if’n you get into it, yes?

    Post count: 93172

    My dear ol dad used to say never talk politics or religion. You will only piss people
    off. I had a meeting with my scouts on Monday night and we went over the scout oath and
    law. Both talk of duty to God and a scout is reverent. I know you are asking where is this
    going? I don’t have a clue the train has left the station. OK I remember. Religion and
    relief go hand in hand. Doesn’t matter if you are Buddest, Zen, baptist, what ever. I
    told my scouts that belief in a higher power was very helpful. I have met many people who
    are regular church goers who treat people very badly and many people who have never stepped
    into a church who live as the bible says. Go ahead and provide passages for us to reflect
    upon. I know I read Indian passages from great medicine men and they read like a lot of
    the psalms. Have faith in whatever you believe in. I believe that God has shown himself
    to people all over the world in ways that the people can understand and relate to. I lived
    in Thailand for over a year and visited the Buddest temples often. I went with an open mind
    and learned a lot. Who knows they may be right! This message is not coming out of my brain
    as I intend it to (sorry) I guess my point is don’t apologize for giving religious references.
    I do not (and hope the others do not take offense). There is a great book out written by a
    Dr. Brian Weiss called “Many lives, Many Masters”. I read it and found it very thought provoking.
    Check it out from your library. Talks of angels and religion from a very interesting standpoint.
    Well got to go. I guess what I am trying to say is you are never alone no matter how low you feel
    or how scared you get.

    I wish you peace,

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