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      Yup, my eyes puffed up overnight, too. To me it looked and felt like I’d been stung by a bee
      right between my eyes. The lids were very puffy. My docs (who I no longer see) said I must be
      having an allergic reaction. Of course, it didn’t go away, and then the other eye symptoms showed
      up–redness, feeling like rocks were in my eyes, sensitivity to light, etc. Good luck to you.
      Find a good opthalmologist who understands Graves’ Disease.

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        I was sure I was perhaps euthyroid as passed thru hyper stage post R.A.I.
        It is now 5 weeks since treatment. BUT… I swear within 1 day my eye
        lids have gone puffy!! I wake up and ugh in mirror looks like cried
        myself to sleep or woken up from drugged sleep! It came on like that
        and upper lids feel heavy weighted. Did it really come on that fast-
        eyelid stuff, for anyone else.?? Dr. in nuclear medicine said 1st symptom
        would be cramp in muscle of shoulder upper back. Haven’t had that yet.
        Last 2 sleeps (day for me) have woken as back stiff/muscles hurt like
        been in position too long. Only happens to me when hurt back as have
        bad back. Perhaps going hypo now?? Get my 1st post R.A.I. in 1 week.
        Hope I hear what result is!

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          Hi, When I went through RAI and right around three weeks, I felt so
          good that I painted my kitchen. Then I seemed to slow down but
          but not bunches. I had my blood work done at 6 weeks and my TSH
          was still 0. I felt the same. Around 7 weeks, like you, as if
          overnight my eyes were so puffy you couldn’t see my eyelids. It
          was so bizzaire because my tsh went to something like 20-almost
          overnight. Now, I can tell when I go hypo by monitoring my eyes,
          and my periods. These indicators have never failed me. :-)

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