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      cant agree with you on the placebo effect…judging from your comments
      i would guestimate your in your third year or so of medical school—i
      dont blame you for stating what you did..because this is the general
      onsensous of the medical community…i was even told that one could take
      a; seven days worth of levothy at one time and it wouldnt matter…i know
      that not one person here would agree with that statement….and some might
      onsider themselves dead after doing that!!
      i truely have come to the conclustion
      that if you are not suppressing the thyroid enough that when you take the
      medicine you can feel it within the hour or so after taking it because your
      body is hungry for it and sucks it up faster….but once you are on an
      adequate dose that feeling goes away —(at least until your dosage changes
      again!!! and like wise if you are not taking enough by three
      you feel like a major slug because your body sucked it up and used it so
      fast that it ran out!!! Also …it is my feeling that caffene and other
      things that stimulate-such as certain novicanes, drugs,etc….have more of
      an adverse effect on us if we are a tad low on levothyroxine (but mind you
      still within normal limits!!!) THESE ARE ONLY MY PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS-
      that if you showed this to an endo willing to listen that there would be
      a scientific explanation!! Hey thanks for listening = what more can a
      Graves patient ask for????

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        Em–My father had cancerous thyroid nodules in his thyroid, and he had a partial thyrectomy back in the 60’s. He took suppressive doses of thyroxine and was part of an NIH study to see if once-a-week medication would work. He found that there was no difference in how he felt. He has also not experienced the hypo-hyper problems we experience. I think that Grave’s Disease causes our bodies to react differently, even when our thyroids are eliminated. The research on such issues frequently lumps all those who are taking thyroxine together; no wonder the results are confused and don’t seem to pertain to us.

        Elisa (

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