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    You know how they say lots of fairy tales were inspired by actual events
    or social problems… This is a brief, definitely paraphrased version:

    Once there was a King who commissioned a wonderful pair of Red Shoes to be made
    for him. Upon receiving them, he could see they were magic shoes. He wore them
    to the ball and danced and danced. He could not stop dancing. Far into the night
    he danced, exhausted, but unable to stop. The ball went on several days, with the
    King never ceasing to dance. Finally, he managed to pry them off his feet and
    flung them into an alley behind the castle. At last, he could rest.

    A poor girl happened upon the Red Shoes and put them on. She began dancing
    down the streets of the town, days and days went on. Her family could not
    stop her and she could not stop herself. Exhausted and frail, she danced and
    danced. Finally, she was able to remove the shoes and fling them into a river.

    I’ve decided that this story has GOT to be about Graves’!! I’ve had the
    Red Shoes on for months, but I think they’re finally coming untied.


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