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      This is not new, but my labs have been happening more frequently. I get labs every 2-6 months still after 13 years.

      I have been trying to research for my upcoming Endocrinology appointment, but I’m not sure what to think right now. Has this ever happened to anyone else? What are the probable causes?

      Any thoughts or recommendations would be incredibly helpful. Thank you for taking time to read and respond.

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        Hello – Ultimately, your doctor will need to help you sort this out, but there are a few possible reasons. If your thyroid wasn’t completely destroyed by the RAI (which is the goal with RAI these days, as they don’t want any thyroid tissue left behind), it’s possible for the tissue to regenerate, or for more tissue to be destroyed over time. But it could also be other factors – aging, weight gain/loss, changes in how you take the medication (time before breakfast, waiting 4 hours for iron/calcium supplements, etc.), or changes in the formula that affects your absorption (especially for generics if your pharmacy starts using a different manufacturer).

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          Hi Sarah – I just jumped onto the forum to look for this exact issue. I had RAI in 2009, and still have to tweak my Synthroid. It’s really challenging and I’m looking for answers too about how to stabilize things. Twice I had low TSH/high free T4 about a month after I was sick (first with Covid, later with flu – I’m vaxxed for both but still ran fevers), but I notice often I feel Graves symptoms when I have travel anxiety or excessive anxiety at work. It’s really exhausting though. I also find it triggering to feel Graves symptoms – reminds me of when I first was diagnosed and how hard it was to feel under control. Now I worry about the toll on my body as I’m post-50. Anyhow – I would be curious about what your endo said, and good luck.

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