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      Me again.

      Just trying to get caught up on some e-mail. Have 35 messages to answer and popped in the BB to take a look and see what was up. The hair loss my be (SP?) alopicia. The hair falls out in patches. I did not have this problem until about 8 months ago. Now it falls out of my beard in whole sections. I have take to shaving every two to three days to give the hair folicles a rest and to see where the new patches are starting. Looks like I just shave part of my face and looks funny as hell sometimes.

      Get some really great looks!!!

      Live Well, Love much and Grandfather’s blessings


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        I am currently enjoying a period of remission (fingers crossed!.) My bloodwork is smack in the middle of normal and I am feeling well.

        However, about two months ago my hair loss returned.

        Just afer my diagnosis, when thyroid hormone levels were fluctuating wildly as we tried to get the Rx dosage correct, my hair fell out for several months. Since then,though, it had grown back in and was looking great. My endo is thoroughly confused and so am I.

        Anyone have any similar experiences to share?

        Thanks and take good care.


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          I also have suffered from intermittent hair loss. Fortunately, it doesn’t fall out in patches and it has always grown back, eventually. The only exception is my eyebrows, which fall out periodically and left some small bald spots.
          Being the person I am, i tried to tie it variations in thyroid levels. My theory didn’t prove out and I’ve come to accept that fact that there are times when the old hair brush just reaps a bumper crop of my hair and
          life goes on…
          The last time I complained to my endocrinologist, he told me not to take it so seriously. He then said ” I should be so lucky, so lose so little.” and he promptly removed his cap to reveal , you guessed it …a significantly bald head. We both had a good laugh..

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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