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    Does anyone out there know of any good doctors or endocrinologists
    in the area of Palm Beach, Dade, or Broward counties?? I’ve been
    bounced around quite a bit, and most doctors are insensitive and have
    a limited knowledge of graves disease. My frustration is about at its
    peak, and I’m getting quite depressed. I’m looking to have orbital
    decompression surgery, but before I can have the surgery, I need to find
    a good primary care physician/endocrinologist. The last opthalmologist
    I was referred to was a retina specialist, and he was so cold and
    detached that I felt like crying. He basically said that nothing could
    be done. Any help would be appreciated. If anyone out there has had
    orbital decompression surgery, I would appreciate your telling me what
    steps you went through prior to getting the “OK” to have the surgery.
    I have had the eylid retraction surgery and have seen an opthalmologist
    outside of my insurance carrier who said decompression surgery is an
    option. Thanks to all for this wonderful support system!!!

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