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      Hi Trish!!

      If you have him so disgusted that he is sending you to an Endo, it sounds like you did a pretty good job! Definitely time for another opinion Trish dear, I may be mistaken :) but I thought I read that Graves’ is incurable, but controllable. Hmmmm.

      Take care! Bruce

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        Hello, Trish

        i know how you feel i went to the endo today as well he said my blood
        is normal, so it must be something else he says,im normal, well if
        im normal how come i need to take these meds to make me get out of
        bed in the morning, the legs,heart etc… who do they think they are yes
        time to see another endo, me too.

        Feel the same as you today,

        there are answers, we will find them.

        take care, steve

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          Me too Trish!! Why are some days better than others I felt I was really
          getting on top of things being really POSITIVE for yonks every little
          hurdle was a challenge not a problem. When I look underneath what’s been
          happening I can see a few family problems, children on holidays –
          Xmas looming (and all the necessary preparations) so I think subconciously
          my mind knows better than me-I need to look after myself and try to keep
          up the relaxation and getting away from stress etc.

          One other thing I have just worked out is that I have been using Codeine
          and brufen to treat and sore back and neck and these have definitely
          contributed to me feeling down. Any other suggestions anyone?

          Chin up Trish at least we’re having our bad days before Xmas!!!

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            Hi all,
            I went to my MD today and it was an awful experience! He’s disgusted with me and is finally sending me to an endo. Maybe that will help. I had rai 1 year ago and my blood levels are now normal with .125 synthroid daily. I can go for several weeks and feel really good, like “normal” again, but then something happens and I wake up one morning and feel TERRIBLE. Very tired, leg muscles weak, blurred vision, low energy etc etc…then after a few days I feel better again. My hair has stopped falling out and my mind is pretty clear now, memory is good. So, there’s certianly been improvement. But my doctor told me I don’t have a thyroid anymore, so I don’t have a thyroid disease anymore. I’m “cured” as he puts it, and feels that I’m just depressed about something I’m not disclosing (I could have killed him for that one) or else there’s something else going on. He’s running a bunch of blood tests. I’m so discouraged. I’m starting to think I’m nuts or something. Any help out there? Trish

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              Hi, Trish. “What we have here is failure to COMMUNICATE!” (You probably are NOT old enough to know that old Paul Newman movie — Cool Hand Luke). Your post reminded me of a time when I was trying to deal with a plumber. Now, mind you, there was water dripping through the ceiling from the upstairs, and forming a lake in my kitchen. We had, of course, checked to see that there was no water running upstairs, etc. before calling this guy. Well, he went out to my water meter, saw that there was no movement of the dials and told me I didn’t have a leak. I wanted to scream.

              Some people’s minds are definitely tied to very narrow thinking. If you don’t have a thyroid, you cannot have thyroid disease, right???? Geesh. Good luck with the endo. Maybe he/she hasn’t replaced the thought processes with lab values.

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                Your MD is lacking in the empathy area. I think there
                should be a virtual reality setup for diseases. This way
                doctors, as well as others, could experience what we are going through every day of
                our lives and take the time to think about what they are saying and
                prescribing. I go through the same things you do. Just 3 weeks ago
                I was unable to get out of bed and when I did I felt like passing out..
                I was sure that I was hypo and that I needed to increase my meds. My
                blood tests said I was “normal”. The endo did a series of blood tests
                which all came up normal. But during this time I still was unable
                to work, etc. Finally the doctor agreed to raise my meds, despite
                what the tests said. I started to feel better in a week. I don’t get it and neither does the endo.
                It’s very depressing because when your in bed you can’t do much because
                you are too loopy and too weak.
                I hope you have luck with your new endo and hang in there.


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                  Hi Bobbi, thanks for your message. I loved your story about the plumber! Exactly!!! And yes, I’m not only old enough to know about “Cool Hand Luke”, but I loved the movie. My husband and I use that expression all the time when we come across somebody that just doesn’t get it! “What we have here is a failure to communicate”,,,either you know that one or you don’t! Trish

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                    I was diagnosed with Graves this past August. On December 5th I had RAI. The day I went to the endocrinologist for the RAI I had a rash on my upper chest and arms. Dr. said this was a reaction to the Tapazol I had been taking but had been off of for a week before my scan and treatment. Now it has spread everywhere and is driving me crazy with burning and itching–not to mention how lovely it looks! They sure have it right when it is said that this disease is a cure for vanity. Any help or suggestions out there? I have been taking Benedryl to help with the itching. However, the help is minimal.

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                      Hi there! Sorry about the rash. I was just recently diagnosed with hyper and when I went to the doc he gave me a list of all the allergic reactions. He told me that if the Tapazole was to cause problems that Ineeded to be switched to another drug named, Propylthiouracil(PTU). I don’t know what the difference is but supposably if one causes problems the other won’t. If you know anything about if this is true I would love to know. Thanks and I hope the redness and itching goes away quick!!!

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                        There is a spray-on Benadryl that you squirt right on the rash. I had an
                        allergic reaction to coedine and had hives that itched horribly and it really
                        helped (and it’s colorless). There is also clear Calamine lotion now, it
                        it’s ok to dry it up a bit. I hope you get some relief!!! Glynis

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