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      Dear Sunny Shannon( that is your usual mode so even on this day
      when you think of your post as a bummer, I will address you thus)
      …so a cloud wrapped you in its billows rather than sleep last
      night….and now the light of day is too bright…. what better
      place to come then to folks who will understand how hard it is.
      No exhilerating skiing but I hope that you will capture this day
      somehow anyway. Fasting at a feast is always
      harder than than simply fasting.
      If you snag a nap, today, I hope you have great dreams…take care Jeannette

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        Thanks for the kind words Jeannette. That’s what makes this BB so
        wondeful. People accept you no matter what kind of day ( or night )
        you’ve had. :)

        All the best,


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          This is the kind of day where I really get upset about having Graves. It’s
          a gorgeous bright sunny day, most people would be out enjoying it, not
          me! I have friends calling asking “are you going skiing with us?” the
          answer is no, not that I don’t want to! I never slept for more then 2
          hours altogether last night. my eyes are so dry and irritated I can
          barely look out the wimdow at the glorious sun glistening off the pure
          white freshly fallen snow!!!

          I can hardly drag myself around the house this morning let alone ski. It
          really is quite depressing. they are out having fun, I’m stuck at home
          feeling miserable :(

          I think on days when I’m feeling like this I’m probably doing people a
          favor by staying away from them, why bring everyone else down with your
          pathetic misery.

          Sorry you guys for the cheerless post. Hope everyone else has a terrific

          Take care,


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            Hi Shannon. . .

            ME TOO! Today I feel sour and hateful towards everyone who doesn’t have GD. . .so you guys are all safe :)

            I wanna get a magic wand that has the power to bestow GD and wave it over my soon-to-be-ex-endocrinologist, and the people at work who think I’m a slacker, and everyone who doesn’t understand how hard it is to live this way. (That would be everyone who doesn’t have it.)

            Spring is just around the corner–I saw crocus and daffodil poking their heads through the earth today. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I still wouldn’t be better by spring! I want to do my spring things and ride my bicycle many miles and start my garden and all those things. Why is my lousy muscle weakness not gone after 5 months on thyroid replacement? Why am I still getting muscle cramps? Why do I get out of bed in the morning and fall over from the pain in my feet? My endo says I need to be patient. HA! If he had this, he’d DO something! I’ll bet he wouldn’t leave his own levels borderline low!

            In four more days I see my new endo, and if he’s a dud, I’ll wave that wand over him too! :-) See, I really do have some power over GD!

            Thanks for being there, guys!
            Dianne N

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              Hi Dianne,
              How long was it before you went on thyroid replacement
              after RAI? I had RAI in November and am feeling really lousy
              No strength in my legs and feet, Swollen legs and feet,
              No energy, walking around crying at the drop of a hat and
              sleeping at stop lights, I have to drive with my window down in the
              middle of winter on some days. This is ridiculous!!!!!
              I guess I’m rambling but I get so frustrated at being told, Lets
              just wait and see how you do, or the classic one You’ll just have to learn
              to live with it!! Sheesh!
              I still have 2 weeks before I see my Endo, (maybe Ex)
              Lynn from Toronto

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                Dianne I second that! I certainly agree that if the specialist
                had the same experiences they certainly would be more compassionate!

                Good luck with the new Endo. :-)

                All the best,


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