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      dear people,

      I love ANNABEL’S SUGGESTIONS…. Thank you.

      KAREN you touch all the mysteries about this disease. clearly there
      are many unique responses. I hope that you find your right way through
      the choices. Once when I told a friend the basic three treatment
      choices and their possible complications etc….. He said it reminded
      him of three choice David (1 kings 24:11 in the Hebrew Testament)
      was given…three years of famine, three months of fleeing from enemies
      or three days of plague in the land. He had to pick one! we aren’t in that
      bad shape. And you are amongst friends here. some have already picked some are picking and hoping.
      hope you get good info and have great support locally md and all.
      The shock wears off.
      Best wishes to TOM F. And to JANE!!!

      Thanks DEBBY, i’LL NEED HELP. REFINING AND all. Whoops watch those caps.

      I find that to go to post when they are older than a month you need a number.

      Hi LESLI GET BUSY READING AND best wishes.

      Wow PEG… I’ll read it again. what can one say. Hang in there.

      Nite all, jeannette

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