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      Hi Jean,
      As a mom I can TOTALLY relate to your experiencs with your son. My
      daughter Lisa was also diagnosed with GD in her sophmore year of high
      school. She missed 60 days of school that year and was probably barely
      attending the rest of it. I suggested that she think about repeating
      10th grade but she wouldn’t hear of it, so I went to the MDT (special
      education) team and requested help based on a health impairment. The
      classroom teachers were then legally required to take her health
      condition into consideration. Still her grades, class rank, etc.
      suffered greatly. She applied to several colleges, got many rejections,
      went to a small school in NH last year and then transfered this year to
      UMASS at Amherst. Since treatment with RAI her concentration and
      ability to learn are greatly improved and she loves school. This
      disease is hard enough without experiencing it during adolescence!
      I would love to talk with you some more. Please feel free to e-mail me.
      As you hang in there with your son and show him that YOU believe in
      him, he will eventually start to believe in himself again.


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