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      Hi friends…It’s been only 2 FULL days back on the job and I’m pooped…I find all the bureaucracy and paperwork over-whelming…just trying to take things one at a time…Have 2 out of town seminars to attend…long drives, long hours…I’m just faking it right now, hoping some of this will come back to me…I never even learned my new job…it’s truly starting over…with half a brain and half the energy. But I remain determined to do it…somehow. Am I in denial again? I need this job and the benefits, but I’m realizing how much stress this is and I just don’t want it…So, I may be absent from posting as much as I was, but I’m with you all and will check in often…The BB sure is getting busy…lot’s to read when you miss a day or 2…So, that’s where I’m at. “They” (the docs) increased my levoxyl to .125mg a day. The paxil seems to be controlling my emotional fall-out and crying jags, but my thought processes seem disorganized…still…and the weight is oozong back…Love this dis-ease…NOT!
      Affectionately, Rachel

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