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      Thenks for your message. I have had a slight problem w/ near-sightedness for about
      2 years now, but I finally had to get glasses in the past 6 months. Hmmm?

      Regarding weight gain–I have always been a big eater but never had a weight problem
      (we Cajun people like to eat). From about a month ago I have been losing weight
      slowly–since my hyperthyroidism really kicked in. But I wonder if I haven’t been
      hyper for some time on an off, if that’s possible. I look back on depressed times
      in my life, mainly because I was not feeling myself–irritable and all–and I lost
      weight. It seems to be that I lose weight, gain weight, and my moods fluctuate with.
      Is it possible to bounce back and forth naturally without medicine?

      Also, did you get Graves after you were pregnant? I have a 7-month-old and I gained
      a ton of weight without changing my eating habits very much. As you can tell, I don’t know
      what to think!

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