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      Hi Angie, I had a total thyroidectomy 6 months ago (December 8, 2003). First, you have to talk with a qualified surgeon. One who performs thyroidectomies several times a month. My endo was able to supply me with a list of surgeons, so talk to your endo. Your first visit should be a consultation visit. He/she will ask questions and you will ask him questions. He/she will tell you about the surgery and what to expect. They will also advise about risks, chances are slim but there is still a possibility because it is surgery. I was able to get my consultation appointment within a week. One week prior to my surgery (that is scheduled on how soon they have an opening in their books), I had to go in for pre-op testing. Blood tests, chest x-rays, EKG and brief physical check up. I had to continue my PTU and beta blockers up to surgery day. They want you to be within normal ranges and not hyper for surgery. On surgery day, I checked in and went to pre-surgery room. They started IVs and the surgeon and anesthesiologist also check in and talk with you prior to surgery. Once they gave me a sedative in my IV, I don’t remember a thing until I woke up in recovery. Yes, they do put a breathing tube in. It is required for all surgeries so they have an established airway in case something did go wrong. I was in the hospital one night and home the next day. A little soreness for the first week due to surgery. Then I was tired for about 4 to 6 weeks until the synthroid kicked in (started my dosage on the 10th day after surgery). I have felt fantastic since with no problems and have not had to have any adjustments to my synthroid. I go back to my endo next month to make sure my dosage is still within normal range. All I can say is taking one synthroid in the morning sure bets the heck out of all the PTU and beta blockers I was taking every day. Plus, I actually feel better than I have felt in years. Either option of RAI or surgery is a plus for a graves patient. We all want to get our lives back and that is the first step. I tried PTU for a year, but was constantly up and down without remission in sight. Good luck on whatever course you choose. Deb

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