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      Hi Wanda:
      I tried to email you directly but for some reason my computer said
      “no!” I hate that. Maybe I’ll blame computer glitches on my
      Graves as well! LOL

      I can’t answer your eye questions specifically but I am a firm
      beleiver in early intervention. I’m not sure how the medical profession
      identifies early intervention. I know with some cancers people wait
      years to bring the problem to their doctor’s attention. I guess in
      such a case like cancer and in Graves early intervention is all

      I did get help from another source once. This is not something you
      want to exploit. At one time I was at my abosolute end. I made an
      appointment with a psychiatrist. He gave me a name of a good endo.
      When I made the first endo appointment it was two months away. This did not
      sit well with my shrink so he gave me the phone and had me call back,
      this time using his name. They fit me in the very next week. I think
      that you said you were seeing a therapist. You may want to ask your
      therapist his/her definition of early intervention and then based
      on that perhaps the therapist can help you get an earlier appointment.

      This was the first and only time I dropped my shrink’s name. However,
      I know that if I needed him he would do it again for me. This is
      one wolf you don’t want to overuse. For that matter, maybe your new
      primary care physicain can recommend someone based on his/her
      findings. Maybe, just maybe, August is early enough.

      The most important thing is that this does get better. I am living
      proof. For me it took a while, but it seems to have come. Hang
      tight my friend.


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