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      Thanks for the replies I have gotten from ya’all,

      Have received the reports from my endo, and yes I am still hyper. I wish this was over! I am so tired of trying to fight this Graves, doesn’t seem to ever get better. I don’t know how the people who have had this for years do it. I have had this almost for a year, and am not being very patient in dealing with this diesase. Used to be very patient with everything, but not anymore. The only good thing is my eyes have gone from 21 & 22 down to 17. Hopefully they will continue to go down.

      Does anyone know how long the RAI can take to work? They told me it may not work the first time, as 40% of my thyroid was not functioning when I took it in May. They said there is a posibility that that 40% may “wake up” and then I would be in the same position all over again. Anyone ever heard of this?

      Also, if I am hyper why am I on Levoxyl? I know my heartbeat went down to 60, then made it’s way down into the 40’s. Could this be the reason? Now it is in the 70’s and my endo seems ok with that. Much better than the 110 range that it was last year.

      Sorry to go on and on, just needed to vent and ask some questions. Thanks to all who may have any ideas on the mess.


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