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      Sorry to hear about your doggies. Yes – chocolate is really poisonous to dogs and cats. Our dachshund got into chocolate one time – thanks to our 2-year old daughter. Luckily he didn’t eat enough to make him sick but he was really hyper for the rest of the evening!

      Hope they feel better soon and don’t need their stomachs pumped!


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        Morning warriors,

        Just a reminder if you have dog or cat critters. Did not make the connection
        between Chocolet and the pudding the dogs got into. Now it is a day and a half
        latter and they are really really sick. The pudding according to the vet is
        mostly cocoa powder. May have to take my dogs to the dog hospital for a stay.

        Seems the chocolet in the pudding has poisened their systems. Got to get them
        to drink. If they do not drink, off to the hospital they go for IV’s. If it ain’t
        one durn thing it’s another.

        Take care of your pets. They are great company and stress relievers in our lives.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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