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      Hi DeeDee,
      Have you ever had a problem with your weight before GD? When I got Graves
      a few years ago I lost alot of weight, after RAI I gained very little,
      I never went over 115lbs. and I ate all the time. On and off over the
      last few years I’ve gone hyper to hypo many times, which means a constant
      change in my sythoid dosage! Seems many people stabalize on the same
      dosage for a very long time, unfortunately I’m not one of them:)
      Right now I am a little hypo again, never gained a pound and eat ALOT!
      Maybe it has something to do with having a high metabolism all your life
      I really don’t know. You should probably continue to eat like you ordinarily
      do, just make sure your eating healthy foods.
      You know your own body more then anyone, I’m sure if there comes a time
      where you need to cut back on the calorie intake you’ll know it!
      Take care,


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