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      Wow…doesn’t sound boderline to me! Have you gotten
      a second opinion? I have all the same sypmtoms and I
      am “full blown”.

      Perhaps what they think should be normal for you is really
      not normal for you at all on your blood work! For instance
      I had my blood taken in Jan. by my obgyn, and he said
      I was “normal” with a tsh of .7 (.4 off from abnorbal)

      I am totally convinced that he was so very wrong, if
      he had considered that was way low for ME, then I would
      never have gotten this sick!!

      See an endo if you can and let them decide what your
      normal levels might be!

      Hang in there!

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        I got a rash when I was on both ATD’s. First one, then it didn’t go away when I was put on the other one. I developed my rash on my forehead, then it proceded to my head, and finally I got sores in my mouth. It took a little over a month to go away, after the Endo had me stop taking them, and I had to go the RAI route. Please let your doctor know about the rash. Mine did not itch at first, I just noticed I was breaking out all over my forehead and head.
        It could be nothing, but do let your doctor know soon as you can.

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          Ellie..thanks so much. I am alittle worried now…cause it’s my forehead where it has started….little red bump..i though I was having an acne breakout from stress and have treating it accordingly…but it won’t go away….I’ll keep an eye on it and you posted…thanks so much…

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