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      Finally, someone else mentions a non-existant sex drive! I have similar symptoms as you and am also taking the PTU. I’ve gained about 30 pounds, and since I’ve always been thin this is an ordeal for me. With my emotions being wacko and my lack of sex drive, my husband thinks I now find him “unattractive”. When I mentioned this problem to my doctor, I was told that there were other ways of being intimate, such as holding hands, etc. I assumed it wasn’t related to my Graves, since I rarely have seen any other postings mentioning low sex drive and since my doctor just dismissed it.

      I’ve been walking daily and TRYING to watch what I eat. It’s so hard because I could always eat whatever I wanted and never had to exercise. I was diagonsed years ago with irritable bowel, but now I wonder if it was Graves way back when. Also, I try to communicate with my husband about what I’m going through, daily! I do feel that my symptoms are nothing compared with others that post here. I rarely post because I feel like such a whiner about my little problems, but they are big problems to me! It is good to know that there is someone else out there experiencing the same symptoms. Hopefully, we are not alone! Try to keep your chin up! ( I’m learning that there are cute clothes that hide my not so cute tummy too.)

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        I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in April 1994 at the age of 36.
        I too was thin all of my life until being diagnosed.
        I went from a 127 – 135 lb. woman to a 210 lb. woman. After
        giving birth to my daughter in 1995. I experienced a dramatic
        decrease in my sex drive. I fortunately have a patient and
        wonderful husband who knows this is not above lack of love for
        him, but rather an unfortunate symtom that come with Grave’s Disease.
        I will be undergoing radioactive iodine treatment on July 1st.
        I am terrified to be without my PTU during this period (3 days
        before and 3 days after), but I have mentally prepared myself to
        accept whatever body I will have and just be thankful for
        good health.

        Best of luck and health to you.

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