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      I’m sorry about how you feel, everyone here is just as concerned about thier weight. NO ONE wants to gain especially when we have always worked very hard to keep our weight down. We have just learned unfortunately, there are other things more important right now. I absolutely hate weighing what I do, but what am I going to do? When I was hyper I put off treatment for a year for that very reason. I didn’t want to gain weight. But I’ll tell you, it’s not either or. Instead of gaining weight my hair fell out, literally! My eyes looked scarry! And guess what I was skinny but no one would look at me then – I looked like a street person blasted by some drug, I’m sure people thought they could catch something from me – I looked sick but I was skinny. I couldn’t write my name and my limbs shook so bad I couldn’t write my name let a lone walk down a fashion runway if I had to. This issue is does not bother just those who make a living looking good – who doesn’t put that at the top of the list. If we want good jobs, regardless, we must look attractive of they will give the jobs to someone who does, so we too are affected by how we look. No one has the corner on that. But we must be realistic – or don’t! It’s just that most of us decided living healthy was better than not living at all. It was a wake up call for a lot of us and force us to getting a wider perspective whether we wanted to or not.

        Post count: 93172

        i am concerned about you! no one wants to be heavy or heavier than what they are.
        i understand it is your career and it is very important. you’ve spent your life
        preparing for this…….but what is a career without life?

        i believe most of the responses were trying to get you to look at the whole
        picture of life—not just the one aspect (career). your health is so important,
        and without some kind of treatment there may not be a “life” let alone a career.

        with meds & time you can rationallize with this much better as to what treatment
        is or may not be for you…please seek medical care before any heart damage
        occurs that cannot be fixed.

        i believe with your concern about weight before, during graves, that you’ll be
        watch your weight with treatment and won’t gain an unacceptable amount—i’ve
        gained but i have to be truthful, i am lazy about my diet–when i’m not being
        lazy i start to loose and then i get lazy again…..with your career counting
        on weight control you won’t be lazy…….get some kind of help.

        please, we are all wishing the best for you!


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