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      Katylyn, I responded to your first post because
      it hit so close to home with me. I remember when
      I first saw the Endo. I kept asking “Am I going to
      get fat?” I actually thought I was going to blow
      up like a balloon! all that stress and concern for
      nothing. My appearence was so important to me, like
      yours is to you. Guess what, I just weighed myself
      and I’m now 105 lbs. The weight I wanted to be.
      I was once down to 88 lbs, and that was at a point
      when I was hypo! I eat what I chose to and exercise
      when I can. The main thing is healthy living. Taking
      care of your body. Right now you are not doing that.
      You need to seek treatment! not everybody gains
      weight and fights forever to stay thin, I’m living
      proof of that. If you don’t seek help for your
      problem your profession will not be an issue. I hope
      you understand what I’m saying here. Please take care
      of your self and everything will fall into place.


        Post count: 93172


        I always hesitate to respond on the board because I feel so inadequate to give advice. All I am able to do is respond to the posts that ring true to me because I have been in a similar situation. I have received so much information and help from this board, and I feel a real responsibility to give whatever I can in return.

        My job also depends on my appearance. I have had an eating disorder for 10 years and although I have no proof, I personally believe that it was a major contributor to my acquiring Graves.

        By the time I was was finally diagnosed with Graves, I had major complications with my heart due to anorexia. Graves is hard on your heart anyway and my struggle to remain thin for so many years set me up for permanent damage.

        I was unable to work for several months after diagnosis, my looks deteriorated to the point that it was unbelievable and my muscles got so weak that I could stand up only briefly.

        Coming out of denial and asking for help, facing the truth and making the committment to nurture myself instead of striving for the perfect body was a huge thing to overcome. I won’t say that I am there yet, but I am striving every day to make it. I have permanent heart damage.

        Katylyn, I think you are desperately asking for help. It takes a lot of concern to tell people things that they do not want to hear and I think that’s what this board is doing. They are accepting you for a human being of worth regardless of your appearance. The remarks may seem insensitive, but everyone has your best interest in mind.

        I speak as one struggling person to another. I wish you health and strength and my prayers are with you as you battle with this. My struggle to maintain the perfect appearance cost me a thousand times more than it benefitted me.

        BTW–because of the courage of my family and friends I am doing VERY well. They confronted me with the truth–that I was killing myself. I got treatment for Graves, I’m in treatment for the eating disorder, I feel pretty good most of the time, only gained 10 pounds and I’M WORKING again after a costly (ugly) leave of absence.

        Take care of yourself. I think you’re worth it.

        Valerie L.

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