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      My endo explained that being hyper and losing weight is the perfect set up for weight gain. The body is starved for nutrients, and the rapid weight loss is the same to the body as a crash diet. The body survives during the lean times, and the moment that the threat is down, it has a built in mechanism to re supply itself with the necessary nutrients. The extra hunger is actually for nutrients. It is like yo yo dieting, where you crash diet and then regain more. As depressing as this info is, the weight gain is not magical, but logical. A weight loss of one to two pounds per week at the most will avoid this nutrient deficit, if you also supplement your vitamins. The set point of the body will change to the lower amount if done gradually, but will not change if moved quickly. If you maintain a weight loss for a year, you can be pretty sure you’ve changed your set point, if you got there gradually. I am starting to go to Weight Watchers next Monday, as I had lost 25 # with them a few years ago & kept it off for about 2 years after I quit going. I think that their program is healthy and works, alto it took me all my life to try it at first.

      Bobbi…A man was driving in the country. A rooster ran in front of the car, and the man ran over it. Remorsefully, he talked to the farmer, ” I’m so sorry, I killed your rooster. I’d like to replace him for you.” The farmer answered, “let me hear you crow” (drum roll)

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