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      Going lowfat is okay, but your body need some fat to stabilize your blood sugar level. What I would recommend is contacting the American Diabetes Association and get your hot little hands on their booklet called “Exchange Lists for Meal Planning” which is really helpful. My nutritionist when I said I was diabetic said that the way the pamphlet describes is the healthiest way to eat.
      Don’t go on fad diets, make sure you drink your 8 glasses of water per day ( it’s really easy to get dehydrated) and try drinking before, during and after excersizing. I know, I usually go on and on, but that’s okay, most people ignore my ramblisngs anyway.

      On a sadder note, my Peachfaced Lovebird Peaches died.


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        Wow, I’am just blown away by the people who have gained weight after IRA. I was 176 now I’m 195. I’m regulated on my synthroid. My TSH came back normal. I am on Zoloft, but not for depression, I am sleeping much better and my aches have disappeared.
        I can’t offer any answers to weight reduction, all I hear is EXERCISE, EAT SMALLER AMOUNTS, GO LOWFAT, and FATFREE. I have a very supportive husband and family. He has gone to weight management class with me. I lost 17, he lost 20.
        That was back in 1994, a year before Graves set in. It’s good to know I have someone else (like you all) to talk to. If I have success losing I’ll write soon.
        I hope this message comes out good, my screen looks funny.

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          Wow! This subject hits home to me! I have gained #70 since my RAI.(over four year adjustment period) Was 130 and now 199. Part of it is the depression that I never knew was related to the GD until I read this BB! In the past few months, I have gone back to my endo, pleaded for an increase in my synthroid (he finally agreed to this though he prefers to keep my blood levels at low normal) Anyway, I have increased my synthroid twice since this summer and the levels are still within normal, so this tells me that my body needed more! I have actually lost a few pounds in the past weeks so I think the increase in hormone has helped me there as well. What a vicious cycle it is when you are depressed, so you eat and gain weight, then try to squeeze into clothes!! It is enough to make any “normal” person depressed!! I am going to join you guys in an effort to lose some of this weight! Boy is it ever hard though. Debbie

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            The weight gain problem is not a small amount that can be exercised off or
            dieted off. There is truly something really wrong when you get exercise
            daily and are still gaining wieght at very low calorie intake. I must go
            below 800 calories just to maintain my wiehgt. I am now on insulin and
            that is causing another wieght gain. I went from 90’s to 150 in the first
            year after my second thyroid operation. Before that I couldn’t gain no
            matter how much I ate. I wish some researcher would figure out why.
            I’m starving and still fat! The only thing I ever found that helped was
            a high protein and very low carbohydrate diet. No starches or sugars
            Just lean meat and fish and non starchy vegetables. It is no longer working
            since I am on insulin. I try to keep my carboyhydrate ingestion to almost
            nothing so I need the least amount of insulin I can take to keep my blood
            sugar in normal range. Any body else got a diet that works!!!!

            lean meat .,

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