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      I had Graves and was treated with RAI about six years ago. One
      thing I’ve discovered is that I that I can take Pseudophedrine HCL
      (if I must) but not the variant which is something like Phenalalynine HCL.
      The latter gives me heart palpitations and I break out into a cold
      sweat – not very pleasant at all.

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        Talk to your new best friend. Your local phamacyst (sp). They can tell you
        what cold meds you can take. What you will find is you can take almost any
        cold meds as long as they are not the long lasting (8 – 12 24 hour) time release
        ones. The time release one have a tendancy to goof us up. Where as a four
        hour one releases fast and takes care of the problem for a short period and
        if it works and you get reliefe you don’t need to take another. It is hard
        to un-take a long lasting pill after you took it.

        Talk to the folks at the drug store they can be of great help.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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