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      For some reason, Graves’ patients tend to have a realproblem with water retention, especially when our medication isn’t truly regulated. A couple of hints: Limit the amount of salt you eat in the evening–have pizza for lunch rather than supper; put the head of your bed up of four-inch blocks–two Reader’s Digest Condensed Books work nicely. That will help gravity work for you rather than against you. Pillows don’t help in this case–it takes the whole head of the bed. For the gals–this may even be worse whenever your PMS cycle occurs. Ask you doctor about a diuretic, and even a mild tranquilizer to take the edge off. The idea is to take it before you need it, rather than in the aftermath of world war III. For those who are in to alternative therapies–a twenty minute walk at pulse rate 100 (which most of us can do walking across the room) will reduce your blood pressure, as well as your scream threshold, as much as one valium or one beer. Take your choice, but one if infinately better for you than the other! Guys have cycles, too, they are just harder to track.

        Post count: 93172


        I was diagnosed with Grave’s about 1 month ago. I have taken
        radioactive iodine as my method of treatment. so in an effort
        to find out more about this “wonderful” thing called Grave’s
        I logged on to this message board. I saw your note on water
        retnetion and am concerned. I had problems with it before the
        dianosis. I hope th;at I am not in for an unpleasant surprise.
        I am an RN and would appreciate any other medical references to
        this. Thanks!

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