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      When I was scrolling back thru the postings left on this board a few
      days ago I noticed a message (posted about a month ago) asking questions
      about water consumption and it’s role in weight loss. I just stumbled across
      an interesting entry/article on the subject at the following address:
      FYI Luci in Texas

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        Luci, could you summarize what is said on this site, please. For some reason my computer won’t allow me to go directly to any site on the web that has a “~” in the address. Go figure. Anyway, I am interested because I have had better results with my meds, and my weight, since trying to remember to drink more water during the day. That’s the opposite of what this site said, right? : )


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          Hi Luci. . .I visited the site you mentioned regarding water consumption: http:/
          I got the following message:
          We’re Sorry
          Your form request could not be processed. You did not supply all of the requested information. Please use your browser’s BACK key and fill in the following information :
          Name, Message Thank you
          I usually CAN view sites with a ~, so I don’t think that’s the problem for me. Can you get back there, and is there a referring page?
          Thanks Dianne N

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            Hey dc! Just put a / before the ~ in the address and it works fine. Luci musta left that out.

            Bruce :)

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