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      You’ve described it just right. There are times that I too feel like I am walking on a cloud, yet there are other times I sort of feel o.k. I can’t say that I had any dizziness when I was hyper but now that I am hypo, I certainly do feel lightheaded at times. I do not have a spinning effect, it is just not a proper balance. I would check with your doctor re adjusting your meds. From what I have read, it seems some hypo people have complains of being dizzy. I’m just hoping that once I reach normal blood levels that this will go away. I am aiming for normal blood levels and if I start to feel like I can’t take this anymore, I keep reminding myself that my blood is still abnormal and I have to wait a little longer to see what happens. I have 4 more weeks to go for bloodwork and if it is not right then, we will increase my replacement hormone, but we only do slight increases at a time. Good luck to you. (P.S. – Did you have RAI? Were you hyper first? )

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