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      Hello all,

      Well do you know what Annette and Archie did for us? You can now go to

      and just fill in the survey. So those of you who have procrastinated
      ( we could do a study on procrastination and and graves but oh well,
      maybe I’ll do that later) can now have a very easy way to send in your data.
      I have received very interesting comments about this compiling I am doing.
      I was told it sounds like BIG BROTHER (the database word I guess, is survey
      less intimidating?) I have encountered people’s concerns about putting out info over the net,
      etc. I just watched C Span with computer security specials talking to
      Senate Com on Technology. We are not the target of the problems that do exist.

      However, I think it is a good idea for us to be aware of maintaining
      a sense of the publicness of this forum. It would be good for doc’s to take time to visit here,
      from time to time. We may gain friends and assistance in our desire for better education and
      treatments to be available.

      Thank you all who have entrusted your info to me. A few folks have written they can’t do it because they don’t know who I am
      or what I am up to. It is okay to ask me what you need to participate, I’ll respond.

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