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      Dear Sas
      Just wanted to post and see if you forgave me for my rudeness with you ,as I did learn alot from being that grumpy brat that Iwas,can’t remember if you forgave me or not please do Sas as I’am so sorry I must have graves as I truly can’t remember if you did forgive or not have a good weekend SAS,and i trully mean this Barb

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        Hi Michele, nice to know you are doing so well. I am still waiting for a date for my Strabismus surgery. After that I will be having my eyelids and finishing touches done. Interesting, my Ophthal also told me that this is when he would remove any fatty tissues (a nice way of saying bags) from around my eyes if I wanted. He did say that this part was not covered by insurance. I have not had to pay one cent for any treatments or surgeries as it is covered under our provincial insurance plan. The reason for having to pay to have this fatty tissue removed is because it is considered cosmetic improvement and this is not covered by insurance. I haven’t asked any questions yet because I am taking this whole long trip I am on one step at a time, however, I want to ask if the extra fatty tissue is caused from this Graves Eye Disease. I tend to think they are caused because I have crossed the half century mark! The cost I was quoted was $300. cdn dollars for each area of removal. There are two upper and two lower areas involved and my surgeon said he wouldn’t know until he got in there if it would be necessary.

        I’ll let you know after I talk to my Ophthal about it again what I decide. I tend to think that since he will be working on me anyway, if my Ophthal thinks it is necessary, I will go for it.

        Anyone else had this procedure done?

        Keep smiling, even with bags, it looks better than frowning.

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          Yes, those bags are caused by Graves’. My opthal. said that fixing
          them would be considered cosmetic, too. Then, I challenged him. I’m sure
          they came with the Graves’ and should be repaired along with my lids.
          He then checked with my insurance–making clear that they were a part of the disease,
          and found they could be included.

          Haven’t done it yet, but at least I know the whole repair would be

          good luck,

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            Hi Michele –

            I’m so glad to finally meet someone who is only as tall as I am. (Ha!Ha!) Everybody is usually taller.

            I am so glad I found this BB, but I’m also sad to find that there are other people who are going thru, or who have gone thru, the same things I have/am. I have said before that I would not wish this on my skinniest, healthiest enemy. Anyway, thanks for sharing with me.

            As far as my symptoms, my doctor has said these are part of the disease. I must admit that I sometimes do not tell him of all that is bothering me. I feel like such a hypochondriac, even though I know it’s real.

            My weight gain became an issue just a couple of months ago when I pulled some muscles in my back. He took Xrays to see if I had broken a rib, because apparently osteoporosis is another affect of this mind/body boggling disease. He noticed I had an extremely small frame and was surprised to learn that I had delivered my kids vaginally, not by C section. That’s when he noticed my heart. He said it wasn’t grossly enlarged at that we definately need to keep an eye on it. He decided to check my levels again and found my T4 at .3. Another dosage change, after a year of the same dosage I am now back to switching.

            Does anyone else feel like a Hypochondriac?

            Enough about me. Tell me more about fibromyalgia and Graves Eye Disease. What should I ask my doctor? These are new to me.

            Thanks again.


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