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      Hi Jake and thanks for thinking of me. My labs have been drawn, yesterday….but they remain pending regarding the results so far. I’m most eager to get these results and follow up with the Endo…a woman…sensitive, I’m told, and very knowlegeable about Grave’s. The local doctors up here seem to have cast me adrift until 10/7. I have many questions for this woman. Physically, I’m still sort of breathless at times, the heart rate is controlled on beta blockers…I’m tapering down with Ativan, still on trazodone for sleep mostly. I will discuss Paxill in conjunction with low dose valium, but I hate to give up the trazodone because it really made a difference in my sleep pattern. I was previously a major insomniac, have been for a long time. I’m less shaky, bowel movements are less, depression comes and goes, fatigue is daily but I do something with every day. I want to try to get back to work in October, but alot depends on this appt. Her name is Dr. Anne Meyers, office in San Francisco.
      As for my relationship, no decisions really except to try once more. We’ll see. I wrote up a contract for us both to sign…This one is binding and non-negoitiable. Hard to do these things when your own mental/emotional faculties seem so floppy. I’ll make it. But I have had company recently who have commented on my eyes…with pity, no less…the confidence factor is at an all time low but I always survive somehow. I just wish this wasn’t such a long, drawn-out process…life-long really. I’ll report in when I know something. I love this group!! I need this group!!! Wish I could set down for a lengthy session with Nancy…soon, eh? in the chat room. Thanks for your support….

      Love, Rachel

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