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      Sas in hospital three days. Dr said he was very pleased the way surgery went. Lots of swelling and pain at the moment but test show can see much more clearly from bad eye. On prednisone, anti biotics and eyedrops every four hours. Get stiches out monday or tuesday. Sas says thanks for the support and at the moment can’t deal with talking or typing. Will be better another day.
      She says for you to keep smiling for her as she can’t.

        Post count: 93172

        Cheer up my dear gal!! What you wrote in an attempt to cheer yourself
        up sounds good. There is always New Years, Valentine’s Day… to
        celebrate. I also have missed many celebrations last month. On friday
        husband and girls going miles away for a rock concert that the girls
        so badlyl want to see, I was supposed to take them but that is the
        day of my R.A.I. treatment. For me glad to have all 3 children as one
        was in a near fatal car accident- it put things in perspective quickly.

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