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      Graves for 20 years. Have done surgery, snythroid and PTU for 10 years.
      Still hyper. Considering the cocktail but lost some of my vision due to a central vein occlusion. I am terrified that the cocktail could cause further eye problems leading to blindness. Have had exophtalmis but it subsided over the years.Any one have any info. on eyes becoming worse after the Iodine?
      Thanks, Karen

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        Karen, I too am trying to find out about eyes becoming worse after
        taking radioactive iodine. I’ve had Graves for four years. Have taken
        Synthroid and Tapazole for three years. M.D.’s recommend cocktail,
        however, my eye pain subsides while taking Tapazole. Let me know your


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          Hi Karen, there is an article that might be good for you to read in this regard.
          Published in Washington (DC) Hospital Center’s HOSPITAL PRACTICE
          sept 96
          In the US there is surly a bias toward RAI 69% of US docs prefer it, but some docs are acknowledging
          the possible correlation of the statistical increase of frewuencey and intensity of eye disease in RAI
          treated patients. In Japan 88% docs prefer antithyroid drugs. In Europe 77% prefer drugs.
          So we are different here in US. It is hard to get info on it.
          I hope the survey I am doing will show some something in this matter.
          Best wishes to you. Hope you find the info and reassurance you need to committedly
          chart your best course. One thing I am convinced of.. we are all different in our
          responses to the condition and the treatments. When you hear real success stories with any method it sure
          is encouraging and that is what I hope for you. Jeannette
          PS i don’t know off the top of my head if you are one of the Karen’s who has responded to survey but I hope you will.

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            Karen I don’t want to scare you but my eye protrusion did not start
            until after I had Radioactive Iodine. Prior to the iodine I had red
            irritated eyes with the top lid sort swelling. It could be possible
            I would have had the eye problems regardless. It’s been two years
            since the iodine and my eyes are finally just stopping their bulging
            process. I use tape nightly because they don’t stay shut and natural
            tears during the day when they dry out. I have had double vision for
            approx. five months now. They seems to be no end to all the medical
            problems associated with GD. E-mail me if you have any questions.

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