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    Hello all!!
    I have been seeing a ton of traffic on eye surgeries and their effects.
    I will try and give a quick overview of the types of surgeries that
    Graves folks can go through. I am not a doctor but I have had all of
    the surgeries listed so I can tell you about them.
    1. Strabismus (crossed eyes) This is a simple surgery usually done
    under a local anesthesia. My was done under a general due to the eye
    sockets being so tight. The doctor will either tighten or loosen one
    or more muscles and will leave a slip knot in after surgery to do a
    final adjustment of the eye alignment. Surgery was not uncomfortable
    and only used tylenol as a pain reliever. I was back to work in three
    days. I looked like the Terminator with my eyes red but it looked worse
    than it felt.
    2. Tarsorrhaphy: This surgery removes a very small portion of the
    corners of the upper and lower lids. They are then sewn together.
    This closes the eye lids thus reducing the eye exposure. It gives you
    a somewhat oriental look but the relief from the dry eyes is very
    noticable. It also helps to keep the eyes in the sockets while changes
    in your eyes are going on. Surgery is done under a local and takes
    about half an hour per eye. I had mine done on a Friday and went back
    to work on Monday.
    3. Eye lid Grafts: The doctor has two options. One is to remove a
    part of the hard palet on the roof of your mouth and graft it into your
    lower eye lids. This lifts the lids up and reduces exposure. Surgery
    is done under a local and takes about three hours per eye. The recover
    time is longer on this one. I was out two weeks. The roof of my mouth
    took about six months to heal. I had to avoid any thing hot or acidic.
    They do make a plate for the roof of the mouth called a stint that lets
    you resume normal activities sooner and I wish I had done it. The second
    option is to remove part of your ear cartlidge and graft it into your
    lower eye lids. Don’t know to much about that one.
    Lid retractions: The upper eye lid (levator) is disconnected and the
    upper lid repositioned and the levator is reconnected. The doctor will
    normally also remove the Muller (?) muscle in the upper lid at the same
    time. This lets the upper lids drop down to a more normal location
    thus reducing exposure. Are you seeing a pattern here on the exposure?
    This is also done under a local and I was out of work for five days.
    The removal of the Muller muscle keeps your upper lids form retracting
    when you are surprised. This surgery done with the lower lid grafts
    will give you a normal appearance again.
    4. Orbital Decompressions: The doctor can do a one, two or three wall
    decompression. What this entails is the actual removal of the eye socket.
    Tis lets the eye muscles and fat behind the eyes to hemorage into the
    sinus cavity. This is done under a general and takes about four fours
    per eye. They will normally do one eye at a time. You do run a very
    high risk of double vision after the surgery. But strabismus surgery
    will normally correct the double vision. I went back to work in two
    weeks. You will also have facial numbness and it can last up to six
    months. Trust me the numbness is your friend. NO FEELING NO PAIN!!!
    Your life style will forever be changed after this surgery so don’t
    go into it lightly. You can not swim in ponds or rivers or dive any
    deeper than five feet or so. Sinus infections will effect your eyesight.
    However, it was all worth it for me. Doctors should only consider
    orbital decompression if the vision is effected (optic nerve involvement),
    the eyes have a problem with falling out (spontanoius globe subluxation)
    i.e. the lids retract so much the lids get caught behind the eyeball.
    or all the above surgeries did not correct the exposure problem. They
    should not do it for cosmetic reasons. Hoped this helped.
    Call me if you want to talk. 407-254-9719 and I will return your call
    collect. I can also be reached at e-mail
    JAke George:-)

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