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      Hi Beth,

      In my opinion you have just taken the first step in turning over a new
      leaf, admitted where you are at with this thing and that you want to
      change and not complain so much. Cool. I had a darn good reasons for all of my complaining. My eyes were hurting! LOL It takes time for the eye disease to run its’ course. My story may differ from yours and others but my eye disease still had to run its’ course. I never did make amends for my past behaviors. My husband even came with me to many of my eye appointments. Once he tried to act like I was over-reacting and I set him straight about how much it hurt!

      After that I got a really good optho! He said, “Trust Me” and I am so
      glad I did. My eyes are doing good. I had way to much eye exposure
      and that is why my eyes hurt. For me there was not enough eye drops in
      the world to replace having eyelids. I got them fixed last Novemeber.
      So now my husband and I are now educated about my disease. I had to
      accept things and so did my family.

      A few of the presentations at the conference were on “Families have
      Graves’, Too. I didn’t go to these. But I am sure I could order the
      video tapes. I think I should since I am starting a support group for
      the Greater Cleveland Area. <G>

      Becoming proactive and joining the NGDF and getting the bulletins that
      they have could be a possible resource for you to educate your family.

      Good Luck,
      Michele B.

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