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      Dear Dianne,
      At this mornings support group meeting we discussed the fleeing doctor problem. 2 people suggested that getting the first or last appt of the day results in longer time spent with us. Another commented that her doc, a top endo-specialist, rarely spends any time with her Q’s, but did call her before her eye surgery and spent a 1/2 hour on the phone answering all her concerns. She also said that there are plenty of interns working with him that are thrilled to discuss all Q, and have the time to do so. That seems somewhat promising. I wonder if one question I could ask would be to ask who do I ask when you are too busy to answer me? KarenB PS the email was from me, I forgot to sign it(I think) before I sent it. Can I blame ALL memory loss on GD? What a boon. I was not neat before GD, do I get to blame the clutter and disorganization around here on GD too? <g/>” title=”<g>” class=”bbcode_smiley” />  K  </g></p>


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        took your advice and they gave me a copy of my blood.
        Tsh 1.28 T4 19.2 T3 4.1

        not to bad out of hypo zone for now,

        thanks , steve

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          Hi Steve,
          I wonder what scale the lab that you use is using for normal ranges. It might be the same as mine. It seems that most labs I see posted on BB are in a different scale but your numbers look like they might fit. Free thyroxine T4 normal is 9.0 – 20.0 (PMOL/L). If the scale is the same it could mean that you are approching the hyper stage again. What is your T3? normal on NMOL/L is .92 – 2.33 . I was hyper last time I checked with my T4 – 52.5 T3 6.23 which is consistant with a very low tsh being .03 . I just started tapazole and will get more bloodwork next week.
          You will need to take the thyroid replacement for life unless your thyroid begins working again. I think that it is interesting that your tsh is improving and that you are on the high end for T4. Maybe your thyroid is begining to help out a little. My friend’s mother had the cocktail and was on replacement for several months after when her thyroid began functioning again. She was able to go off replacement and has had no problems for 8 years! Good Luck to you. Lee

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