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      Hi everybody

      Just for the record: George & Barbara Bush do have Graves’. Millie, the dog, had lupus.

      In her book, BARBARA BUSH: A MEMOIR, she says on page 412, “One day, the rumor that George had lupus swept across the United States and the stock market dropped 40 points. I loved setting people straight: THE DOG had lupus: George was fine.”

      She goes on to say, “In December 1993, George, Millie, and I gave blood to Dr. Jonathan Jaspan at Tulane University to be tested for a possible common virus that might be responsible for our autoimmune diseases. A virus conceivable might trigger one type of disease in George and myself (that is, Graves’ disease), and another type in Millie (lupus). If such a virus is found and proved to be the cause, it will be an important breaktrough”

      Having said that, my vote goes to Geo. & Bar for the “mystery spokesperson”.


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        I just watched a vet program and they were treating a cat with
        hyperthyroidism. The treatment of choice is to remove the effected
        thyroid. Cats generaly recover fully because they have two
        thyroids. I thought this was facinating….oh to be feline!

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          Hyperthyroidism is also very common in cats. Two of the only cats I know are on Tapazole! I don’t even know other humans on this medication!


          P.S. Cats don’t like the taste of it either.

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