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      Hi Barb,
      I was wondering how you have been doing. I have been where you are too. It does feel like because your eyes are your real world to everything that any change or any vision problems start to control you because you do need your eyes
      to do anything in life. The best advice I can give is to really try to have open communication with your eye doctor’s or even your endocrinologist to get you to where you feel comfortable that they are doing everything possible for you to get your control back in your life. It really demands that you be agressive at times. No one really should have to suffer with this disease. At times I feel like I had to almost beg, borrow or steal (used as a pun), or I may not be here typing today. At one point I was told we have done everything we can for you. My reply well that is not good enough. I had to seek out other alternatives. If you need to talk please feel free to e-mail me any time.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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