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      Know what you all mean about feeling like you have to be agressive with the Doctors over your own healthcare! Been there, done that and still doing it!!!Might want to look at the insurance companies who run these doctors offices and the doctors who listen to their office managers needs more than the patients. Have heard interesting things lately from office staff in a couple of offices I go to! HMMMM, makes you wonder, huh?
      Good to see everyone again! I have missed you all!
      Hang in there, Lil’ One! Those peeps will improve with proper care and time!


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        Hi Barb,
        I’m sorry to hear you damaged your eye with that bump. I hope that loss of vision is temporary and you saw a doctor for it. Sounds like something I would do. Actually I did bump into the treadmill at night trying to get to the door when the lights were off. I hit the corner of my eye on the corner of the handle. Think I got another scar, besides the surgery. But luckily I don’t think I had any damage.
        I know how you feel about the Graves controling your life. And it seems like there’s no end to it. I’ve missed out on school for 3 years because of it. And since then lost social activity, and try avoid as much as I can. I kept telling myself okay I’ll get the surgery done soon and I’ll be in school next year, and it went on up till now. I had the orbital decompression last Aug. but am still uncomfortable with the appearance of the protrusion. One lid is more retracted then the other so will get eyelid surgery maybe in the next month. I’ve been waiting since beg. of this year. But I had to take care of mom and then she passed away… But I know I am fortunate that I don’t have any pain, double vision or other eye complications. I will be going back to endo next month to check to see if I am still in remission. It will be then 6months, can’t believe… Anyways please feel free to email me.
        Love to all the warriors. Patience And I hate this disease too!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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