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      Speaking of sinus infections, that is what finally led to my diagnosis
      with Graves. I had continual sinus headaches and pressure, even a short
      ride in the car with the windows down resulted in congestion and a
      headache so bad that I was bedridden and only eventual sleep would bring
      relief. After several months of treatment with antibiotics and even
      steroids brought no relief, I was brought in for sinus scans. During the
      follow-up appointment the Dr. noticed my tremors which I attributed to
      constant sinus medication, and also some swelling in my neck. She took
      a blood test and called me into her office 2 days later with the Graves
      diagnosis. Anyway, I never really thought much about the two being
      related but for someone who had sinus trouble off and on for several
      years, I don’t have so much anymore. I was diagnosed in ’94 and took
      Rad.Iod. in Dec.94 and started Synthroid around March’95. Still working
      to achieve the right dose and dealing with the eye problems.
      Good luck to all….JulieT.

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