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      I also experience Troll Hair and have found a
      real great solution for it. It is a product
      called INFUSION and it is made by Clairol.
      It is alcohol free and has Vitamin B5 Base
      You can get it is Walmart or pretty well
      any drugstore. This is in Canada but I think
      you could probably get it in the States as well.
      It works great!! I have been using i for about
      a week and a half and can feel a marked difference
      in my hair!!, Hope this helps.
      Also I had RAI done a week ago Thursday and I really
      felt good on Saturday and today for the first time
      in about a year. I actually like myself!!, and I can talk to my husband
      without ripping his face off. He has so much patience
      with me it really must be Love!!!!ha!ha!
      I don’t know how I would have gotten thru all
      this without him. Anyway it really is great to feel good
      for a change. Now I just need to sleep a whole night
      and I will really feel good!!!
      Lynn from Toronto

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