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      Hi, Jan:

      Interesting that your nutritionist mentioned those foods. I pulled my info from various sources, including a NGDF bulletin, my pharmacist, and I also checked the food info with my endocrinologist when I first went on the replacement hormone. The NGDF info and my doctor and pharmacist all agree that taking it on the empty stomach and waiting an hour before eating is the way to avoid the problem. And that advice also extends to other medications as well. Not only iron (and oatmeal contains iron), but high fiber tablets, antacids, and cholesterol medications can interfere. In fact, the recommendation on the bulletin from NGDF about cholesteral medications was to wait FOUR hours before taken them, after taking the replacement hormone. All of this just points out that importance of double checking, with pharmacists and doctors, to get instructions for mixing and matching ANY drugs we are taking. And that includes things as innocuous as OTC stuff.

      If you talk with this nutritionist again, I would be interested in knowing the “why” of her recommendations. My doctor believes that with the foods on the various lists I found (foods to avoid when hyper, when hypo, etc.) they would have to be ingested in very large quantities before they could throw things amok. Except for kelp. Kelp was a quick and definite “no”.

      Take care,


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